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BOMA Greater Phoenix Code of Ethics
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All members of BOMA Greater Phoenix are asked to abide by the following
Code of Professional Ethics that governs the professional behavior and activities of our membership.

BOMA Greater Phoenix and its members are committed to promoting the highest level of professionalism, integrity and ability in the real estate industry as well as the public at large. We encourage fair and healthy competition within the industry. We consider industry relationships critical to the industry's success. While achieving our goals, we must never lose sight of the Association's commitment to the highest standards of business conduct.

I. Professionalism

Each member of the Association and anyone working for the member shall conduct business in a manner displaying the highest degree of professional behavior bringing credit to the profession, the industry and the Association. Members and anyone working for the member shall speak truthfully and act in accordance with accepted principles of honesty and integrity. Anyone working for a member shall endeavor to understand and fairly represent his or her own scope of knowledge and ability to perform services.

II. Confidentiality

The BOMA Directory is a benefit and privilege of a BOMA membership. The Directory is a resource to its members and the information it contains should not be distributed to non-members or misused for mass communication (e.g. email, postmail, fax, etc.) purposes for the benefit of individual companies.

III. Responsibility to Clients

Each member of BOMA Greater Phoenix shall diligently and honestly pursue the client’s legitimate objectives. No member shall place his or her own needs and desires above those of the client in the performance of work for that client. National, State and Local (Municipal) laws as well as regulations, codes and ordinances shall be adhered to in the operation of property or equipment.

IV. Responsibilities to Real Property and Equipment

Each member of BOMA Greater Phoenix shall be diligent in the operation of property to maximize its long-term value within the client’s objectives. In the operation of the property, members shall take those actions reasonably necessary to maximize the security and life safety of the occupants consistent with accepted standards of the industry.

V. Conflict of Interest

Each member of BOMA Greater Phoenix shall fully disclose to the client any known conflict of interest between a) the client, client’s employees, supplier and other related parties, and b) the owner, manager, or their employees arising prior to the engagement of management services. Each member shall use every available means to resolve such conflicts. No member shall permit a conflict of interest to remain undisclosed, nor shall he or she create an appearance of impropriety.

VI. Fair Dealing

No member shall take advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair dealing practice.

VII. Business Etiquette

BOMA events are learning and/or networking events, not selling events. Meet and network with other members and follow up with people that might be interested in your product or service at an appropriate time. Be prepared to cultivate a relationship, not a sale. Be a resource to building members.

VIII. Continuing Education

Each member of BOMA Greater Phoenix shall endeavor to remain knowledgeable in the subject material of his or her position by taking courses and seminars, reading industry periodicals, and consulting and sharing information within the industry network in the member’s area.

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