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Newsletter managed by Becky Bishop, LEED Green Associate with GPE Companies 

New ‘Tenant Star’ Label to Provide Energy Savings Perks for Occupiers
05/06/15 – CoStar
After being embroiled in Washington gridlock for several years, "Tenant Star"-- the first government-sponsored branding label issued to landlord and tenant teams who design, build-out and operate energy efficient, leased spaces -- has become law.

President Obama signed S. 535 into law April 30 at an Oval Office ceremony. The Real Estate Roundtable commercial real estate lobbying group and environmental advocates applauded the bipartisan legislation, the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015 sponsored by Sen. Rob Portman, R-OH, which specifies various federal actions to increase energy and water efficiency in commercial and government buildings.  Full article available online at

Western drought steals clean energy along with fresh water at power
04/27/15 – The Washington Post
INSIDE HOOVER DAM — The floor rumbled under Mark Cook. His legs vibrated as he stood in a tunnel tucked into the thick base of Hoover Dam, 430 feet below the tourists looking out over Lake Mead. Beneath him, water roared through steel pipes 13 feet tall. Nearby, heavy turbines hummed with mechanical intensity.
“We’re moving some good water today,” Cook, the dam manager, said proudly. Full article available online at


Japan has just opened one of the world’s largest floating solar power plants, signaling increasing adoption of the efficient and innovative technology in the country, which is due partly to lack of space on land.

Colorado River shortage unlikely to affect cities, industries in near term, officials say
4/23/15 – Cronkite News
Arizona’s communities, industries, mines and Native American tribes aren’t likely to be affected during the next five years if federal officials declare a shortage on the Colorado River, officials said Wednesday.

While Central Arizona Project rates may rise, deliveries for groundwater replenishment would be eliminated and central Arizona agriculture would take a hit, leaders of a workshop held at the Arizona Department of Water Resources said the state is ready for a shortage on the Colorado. Full article available online at

Magnificent solar plane due here in May, to stay 3 days
04/11/15 – The Arizona Republic
The Solar Impulse 2, a plane that is circumnavigating the globe without a drop of fuel, is making Phoenix one of its 12 stops around the world.

The aircraft’s pilots say they are trying to change the world by flying around it in a plane powered by the sun’s energy.  Full article available online at

State bill would stop cities from requiring energy use disclosures from building owners
03/17/15 – Phoenix Business Journal
A bill at the Arizona Legislature would block Phoenix — and other cities — from requiring building owners to disclose their energy use.
Senate Bill 1241 was previously a bill related to the state’s Medicaid system but it has been changed completely via a so-called striker amendment to specifically prohibit cities from requiring energy use disclosures from commercial and apartment landlords. Full article available online at

03/12/15 –
In a report released by New York’s Department of Buildings (DOB), it was brought to attention that nine out of every 10 office or residential buildings fail to meet the New York City Energy Conservation Code. Federal funding to the tune of $123 million called for 90% of new buildings plans to comply by the code by 2017. As a result, Mayor de Blasio and the corresponding NYC officials have been cracking down on noncompliant properties. This compliance issue brings light to a bigger conversation on energy efficiency of commercial real estate buildings around the world, and what the future holds for both existing buildings and future developments.

The US is slowly making progress in the realm of energy efficiency in commercial real estate. New York State recently reported a savings of $4M in the first half of 2014 after implementing efficiency programs. Boston, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle rank among the most energy efficient cities in the country, with a wealth of others putting programs into place that will save millions of dollars over the next few years. There are also initiatives by private companies such as Honeywell, who is working with the Hillsborough, New Jersey school district on an energy efficiency program. The district expects to cut energy use and costs by almost 50%, and save over $1 million per year. Europe is also turning towards more sustainable options, spending on energy efficient buildings by countries within the European Union is expected to reach over $800M in the next decade. So, with all these initiatives currently in progress, why aren’t we seeing more results?  Full article available online at

Tucson Realtors lead by example on efficiency, sustainability
02/20/15 – Arizona Daily Star
With a look to the future, the Tucson Association of Realtors (TAR) has taken several progressive steps forward to inject “sustainability” into the housing and real estate industry. Through technology and common sense, TAR wants to raise awareness, help educate and change the way our community thinks about development.
Along those lines, we have launched an ambitious program for 2015: “Sustainability: The Next Step in Real Estate.”  Full article available online at

Real estate industry seeing red over Phoenix green building plan
02/12/15 – Phoenix Business Journal
The real estate industry is upset with a plan from the city of Phoenix that would require commercial building owners report their energy consumption and use of renewable to a public database.

The city is considering energy reporting requirements for buildings of 50,000 square feet or more. It would be a kin to ones in New York, San Francisco and other big cities. Full article available online at

 Top of the Phoenix lists: LEED-Certified Buildings
01/16/15 – Phoenix Business Journal
Intel's Ocotillo Campus, the 14-building collection of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver-level advancements in water saving and waste recycling, captured the No. 1 ranking in the Phoenix Business Journal's LEED-Certified Buildings list, published today.

The list was ranked by square footage. At 3.9 million square feet, the Intel facility was easily the largest on the list. Full article available online at

 Taylor Morrison Named Green Home Builder’s 2014 Green Builder of the Year
01//14/15 – In Business Magazine
Taylor Morrison Home Corporation, a leading homebuilder and developer in North America, has received the 2014 Builder of the Year honor from Green Home Builder magazine, a national trade publication focused on certified housing and energy-efficient and environmentally responsible building practices.

“We are honored by this recognition from Green Home Builder. As a company that has always maintained a strong commitment to the sustainability of the communities we build and service, our responsibility for the environment continues to be a priority for Taylor Morrison,” said Sheryl Palmer, chief executive officer of Taylor Morrison. “Increasingly, homebuyers share this priority, and we are constantly looking for ways to distinguish ourselves and our products through a continued commitment to improving our environmental footprint while maintaining our competitive value proposition.”  Full article available online at

 States Work To Meet New Renewable Energy Standards
1/1/15 - Huffington Post
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — More than five dozen giant turbines erected on a remote mesa in western New Mexico began churning out power for the state's largest electric provider on New Year's Day.

Tapping into the multimillion-dollar Red Mesa Wind Energy Center marks the latest effort by utility PNM to add more renewable energy resources to its portfolio.  Full article available online at

 Arizona farmers sacrifice to head off water crisis
12/13/14 - Azcentral
All it takes is 10 feet of water to go from caution to crisis on the Colorado River.

That's why Arizona farmers like Dan Thelander support a new agreement that will help conserve the amount of water in Lake Mead even though it could mean short-term sacrifices for them. Full article available online at

Energy efficiency programs that could be cut have helped thousands of consumers
11/15/14 – Rose Law Group Reporter  
Solar power might be the popular kid on the block in Arizona, but far more utility customers participate in energy-efficiency programs than put solar on their roofs, and far more will be affected if those programs are cut, as regulators propose.
Arizona Public Service Co., for example, has about 29,000 customers with rooftop solar, among the most of any U.S. utility.
But that pales in comparison with the hundreds of thousands of customers who have energy-efficient appliances, well-built homes and use low-watt light bulbs, all funded in part by the company’s efficiency program.  Full article available online at

Cairo's ultra-green mixed-use development will be topped with flowing solar canopy
11/03/14 - Building Construction & Design
Paris-based Vincent Callebaut Architecture has come up with a plan for a mixed-use complex located in Cairo that combines vegetation and structure to communicate Egypt's inclination toward progressive architecture, designboom reports. The proposal's main purpose is to raise awareness of sustainable architecture designed to combat global warming. 


The roof is solar, and shades green rooftop terraces and sky villas. This conserves energy otherwise needed for cooling, as do the solar panels and heating tubes on the roof.  The full article is available online at

$350M ‘green’ condominium project moves into Scottsdale
10/23/14 - AZRE
The Sterling Collection at Silverleaf, a “green” luxury condominium development, is set to launch sales in early November. The $350M development is one of the largest luxury residential projects in the Southwest.

Developed by Scottsdale-based Cypress Development Group, The Sterling Collection at Silverleaf will be the most luxurious condominium community to ever be developed and sold in Arizona as defined by its exclusive location, proposed LEED-certified building techniques, effortless ownership services, world-class amenities and distinctive finishes. The project is adjacent to Cypress’ Sterling at Silverleaf community of luxury, LEED-certified villas.  Full article available online at

 ASU’s Zero Waste by 2015 initiative is incomplete
10/22/14 - The State Press
ASU’s Zero Waste by 2015 initiative was launched on April 1 of this year, though it has been in the works for several years. One of many efforts centered around sustainability on campus, the Zero Waste program has been publicized fairly well and many of its programs have already been implemented. For instance, there are recycling bins on every corner; composting bins have been installed at Hassayampa and Barrett, the Honors College’s dining halls; cardboard collecting services have been implemented in Tempe and Polytechnic; hand dryers have been installed in most restrooms at all four campuses; and even more obscure efforts, such as athletic shoe collection, have been enacted in order to reduce solid waste diversion by 90 percent.

ASU’s effort to become a more sustainable institution should not be a surprise given the presence of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability and the School of Sustainability, one of the best sustainability programs in the world — and similar enterprises should be setting comparable goals. However, while reducing ASU’s waste is an extremely important and noble goal given its immense ecological footprint (17.72 million gross square feet), the Zero Waste by 2015 initiative is ultimately incomplete. Full article online at

 SkySong 3 Building Awarded LEED Silver Certification

10/03/814 - Commercial Executive Magazine

SkySong3 The four-story, 145,000-square-foot office and research building at the intersection of SkySong Boulevard and Innovation Place has achieved Silver LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for its sustainable design and construction.

LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—is a certification program that sets the standard for environmentally responsible construction in the U.S. Buildings are measured based on the number of points they earn across the categories of green building, such as energy, water, indoor environment, location and materials.  Full article available online at


Net-Zero Energy townhomes coming to downtown Scottsdale  
09/30/14 -
MODUS Icon is launching Arizona’s first Net-Zero Energy townhomes, “MZ” in downtown Scottsdale on Friday, Oct. 17. 

With a proximity to downtown restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, spas, and shopping districts, MODUS Icon officials contend the multifamily housing development is a cut-above other options available in Scottsdale. Full article available online at

Sustainability’s strategic worth: McKinsey Global Survey results
07/01/14 -
Executives at all levels see an important business role for sustainability. But when it comes to mastering the reputation, execution, and accountability of their sustainability programs, many companies have far to go.
Company leaders are rallying behind sustainability, and executives overall believe the issue is increasingly important to their companies’ strategy. But as it continues to grow into a core business issue, challenges to capturing its full value lie ahead. These are among the key findings from our most recent McKinsey survey on the topic,1 which asked respondents about the actions their companies are taking to address environmental, social, or governance issues, the practices they use to manage sustainability, and the value at stake.

One such challenge is reputation management. Year over year, large shares of executives cite reputation as a top reason their companies address sustainability; of the 13 core activities we asked about, they say reputation has the most value potential for their industries. However, many of this year’s respondents say their companies are not pursuing the reputation-building activities that would maximize that financial value.  Full article available online at

The World's Greenest Office Building Opens in Munich
07/02/13 - 
Munich, Germany now boasts the greenest office building in the world. NuOffice is off the charts in all sustainability metrics, easily achieving LEED platinum status. European research project DIRECTION and scientists from Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics banded together to help design the über-green building, hoping it will serve as a model for future new construction across the globe.
In order to raise the bar on the building’s energy efficiency, the science and research team sought to maximize the building’s passive energy use, driving down energy consumption and introducing renewable energy sources as main suppliers to the building. NuOffice’s roof alternates between lush, insulating greenery and a powerful photovoltaic array that adds to the building’s power needs.  Full article available online at

New Chinese City Goes Green For The Health Benefits
06/27/13 - Earth Techling Newsletter
Where you live can have a big impact on your health. Bad air quality, a lack of green space, or too much soul-crushing traffic, and your physical and emotional health can take a nosedive. The terrible thing is, we’re so used to these problems, that we consider them normal, and completely ignore the way they make us feel.

A new project by Peter Ruge Architekten aims to find out if changing the very layout and construction of a city can alleviate those problems instead of making them worse. The firm is planning a city in China’s Hainan Province. It will be called ‘Green Health City‘ and could eventually serve as a sustainable urban prototype.  Full article available online at

Energy Star Portfolio Tool Upgrade Delayed
07/03/13 - EnergyStar
We regret to inform you that release of the upgraded Portfolio Manager tool, which was originally scheduled for July 10, is being postponed to allow EPA to conduct additional checks to verify correct and complete data migration. The new tool will now be released on Wednesday, July 17.
We are excited to let you know that the new Portfolio Manager tool is fully functional and all data and account records have been migrated over from the old tool. However, our first priority continues to be ensuring that the tens of millions of data points contained within Portfolio Manager's 70,000 active accounts have been migrated correctly and completely by the time of launch. To that end, EPA has decided to postpone the release for one week.
We appreciate your understanding and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  More information at

LEED v4 Passes Ballot, Will Launch This Fall
07/02/13 - EDC Magazine
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced that its membership has voted to adopt LEED v4, the next update to the world’s premier green building rating system. The final overall vote was 86 percent in favor of adopting LEED v4. This includes 90 percent approval from the user category of the voting body, 77 percent approval from the general interest category and 89 percent approval from the producer category. The minimum overall percentage of votes needed for a passing vote was 66.7 percent.

“There are 46 countries and territories around the world and all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia represented in the voting pool for LEED v4, which includes an extraordinarily diverse group of industry professionals, manufacturers, educators and other green building leaders,” said Joel Ann Todd, chair of the LEED Steering Committee. “USGBC sets a very high bar for a rating system to be approved. The rating system must earn a significant percentage of the overall vote as well as a majority approval from each of the various LEED stakeholder groups. This ensures that rating system approval represents the full diversity of USGBC’s membership.”  Full article available online at

New Pilot Unlocks Deep Energy Efficiency in Buildings
06/20/13 - EC&
For the first time, an electric utility is testing a 20-year model to purchase metered energy-efficiency savings. The agreement between Seattle City Light and the Bullitt Foundation is designed to make deep energy efficiency in new and existing commercial buildings economically feasible.

“This is a great partnership between the City and the private sector to encourage energy efficiency,” said Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. “I hope this project can serve as a model for others to save money, reduce energy usage, and cut our carbon emissions.”  Full article available online at

Industrial Still Fights for Full Seat at LEED Table
06/24/13  - National Real Estate Investor
The industrial sector, as a whole, with massive expanses of indoor space, has been the last property type to jump fully on to the sustainability bandwagon, in part because professional green certification processes haven’t caught up to the sector’s unique needs.

However, due to tenant and customer demand, more new construction and retrofit industrial projects are gaining professional green certification. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, 117 manufacturing properties have earned LEED certification, totaling 41 million sq. ft. This number should see strong growth, however, as 703 more projects have registered for certification, totaling 221 million sq. ft.  Full article available online at

How to Manage “Green Fatigue”
06/20/13 - NAIOP
Businesses and consumers are inundated with “green,” whether watching TV or going to the car wash. It’s enough to force many to simply tune-out, ignoring calls for lower carbon footprints, recycling, and driving less.

So what does this mean for commercial building owners? Unfortunately, it means building occupants and visitors are often those very same green-fatigued consumers who are tuning out the benefits of their state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and energy efficient surroundings. In addition, many of the building management teams have reached their limits relative to green courses and certifications, filling out extensive new forms and working with consultants — all tasks carried out in addition to their already heavy workloads.  Full article available online at

Grocers Reduce, Recycle and Re-Educate Customers on Green Buying
06/10/03 - National Real Estate Investor
Grocers have gradually bought into green initiatives, launching sustainability programs that focus on conservation of water and energy, reduction of truck traffic and zero-waste technology.

Whole Foods, for example, recently partnered with agribusiness Gotham Greens to build a 20,000-sq.-ft. greenhouse on top of a planned store in Brooklyn. The store will open in the Gowanus neighborhood in the fall.  Full article available online at

Free LEED Certification For Groundbreaking Projects Abroad
06/10/13 - Environmental Leader
With the aim of broadening the reach of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and accelerating the growth of sustainable development in new markets, the US Green Building Council will offer free LEED certification to the first projects to certify in 112 countries abroad.

The LEED Earth initiative will promote the introduction of  better performing buildings in countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Bhutan, Belarus, Central African Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Myanmar, Pakistan, Rwanda, Serbia, Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Yemen, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Full article available online at

World's First Carbon Negative Building Block Unveiled in the UK
06/05/13 -
The Carbon Buster is the world’s first building block to capture more carbon dioxide than is emitted during its manufacturing (14kg per ton). The high-performing masonry product, developed by British company Lignacite, Ltd. in partnership with Carbon8 Aggregates, is made up of more than 50% recycled material – including Carbon8 pellets (which are made of thermal residue from waste to energy plants), water and carbon dioxide. The resulting aggregate is incorporated into the company’s products to create the carbon negative building block.  Full article online at

Wells Fargo goes green with new Tempe branch
06/03/13 - Phoenix Business Journal
Wells Fargo has opened its newest branch in Tempe, adding to a handful of Arizona branches that meet LEED Silver standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Wells Fargo has five LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) stores in Arizona, said Misha Patel Terrazas, Metro East area president for Wells Fargo in Arizona.  Full article available onine at

Salt River Fields wins architecture award
06/03/13 - Phoenix Business Journal
The Scottsdale spring training home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies has won an architecture award.

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick won a national design honor from Architectural Record magazine. The ballpark opened in 2011 on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.  Full article available online at

LEED® for Retail: Growing a Sustainable Brand
05/30/13 - Larson Design Group
Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. It’s here to stay and, for many companies, it is clear that recent interest in environmental stewardship is beginning to change business as usual for good.

With consumers increasingly buying into the green movement and making sustainable choices, there has never been a better time for companies to start to adopt green business practices. Companies are finding that their customers embrace shopping at stores or dining in restaurants that have proven environmental stewardship. People feel good about going to those places, and that can translate to more time spent shopping or more dollars spent at the register.  Full article available online at

“Net Zero-Plus” Campus to Be National Model for Sustainability Strategies
05/15/13 - National Real Estate Investor
A self-sustaining “Net Zero-Plus” college campus being built in Palm Springs, Calif., is under way to becoming a national model for sustainability strategies.

HGA Architects and Engineers has completed the design for phase one of the new West Valley Campus at College of the Desert in Palm Springs, Calif.—a project that sets new benchmarks for integrating sustainable design and high-performance building technologies into the academic curriculum. HGA is directing the master planning, programming, design and sustainability of the campus, which will become a national model for innovative sustainable strategies.  Full article available online at

Phoenix Regional office becomes first Net-Zero Energy Building in Arizona
05/21/13 - World Interior Design
The Phoenix office is the largest building in the world and only the second in the US to achieve NZEB certification to date. In addition to that the facility has also achieved LEED NC Platinum certification.

Transforming the remains of a 1972 abandoned retail boutique, the Phoenix Regional office has been designed by architectural firm SmithGroupJJR as a living lab for the Arizona community. Located in Phoenix’s Discovery Triangle at the corner of 44th Street and Van Buren, the renovated Phoenix Regional office consists of 16,533 square feet of space.  Full article available online at

Next Generation of Solar PV Could Be Organic
05/20/13 - Design Buildi Source
While solar photovoltaic devices have traditionally consisted of shiny metallic panels bearing a strong resemblance to tinted mirrors, the next generation of the technology could undergo a radical change in form and constitution via the incorporation of organic materials.

Qiaoqiang Gan, assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Buffalo, is leading efforts to develop this new generation of photovoltaic technology in hopes of creating a product which can generate greater power for far lower cost.  Full article available online at

Report: Green Material Demand To Increase
05/10/13 -
The worldwide market for green construction materials is estimated to grow from $116 billion in 2013 to greater than $254 billion in 2020.
BOULDER, CO-Demand for green buildings, and the materials that go into them, has remained relatively buoyant during the global recession. And according to a new report, future market growth for green buildings and the commensurate use of green materials will be driven by a combination of policies and regulations that prioritize energy efficiency and green design, the expansion of voluntary certification programs for green buildings, cost reductions for green materials, consumer demand, and growing evidence that green buildings confer quantifiable market advantages.

Locally based Navigant Research estimates that the worldwide market for green construction materials will grow from $116 billion in 2013 to greater than $254 billion in 2020.  Full article available online at

Energy Efficiency Legislation Introduced in the Senate
04/23/13 - NAIOP
On Thursday, April 18, 2013, Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Rob Portman (R-OH) introduced the Energy Savings and Industrial Competiveness Act. The bill is aimed at promoting energy efficiency for residential and commercial buildings.

During the 112th Congressional session, a similar bill, S.1000, was introduced by both Senators and was passed in the Energy and Natural Resources Committee with strong bi-partisan support. Although it did not receive a full Senate vote, it was considered by many as having enough votes to pass if it was ever brought to the Senate floor. Full article available online at NAIOP newsletter click here

Affordable Green Leasing
04/23/13 - CCIM Institute
The article “Not Easy Leasing Green” (CIRE, September/October 2012, p.36) told an unpopular truth. It tallied a long list of hurdles confronting tenants and landlords who pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. This situation helps explain why California municipalities, New York City, and Canadian jurisdictions have enacted laws mandating environmentally responsible leases.

In fact, outside of large institutional landlords and mandated jurisdictions, green leases are rare — and for good reason. Complex leasing provisions often require ongoing monitoring, reporting, consulting, and benchmarking responsibilities that typically involve engineering and computer systems specialists, facilities and asset managers, LEED-certified examiners, cost auditors, accounting specialists — and, of course, specialized lawyers.  Full article available online at

Tenants and Landlords See Value in Sustainably Managed Office Space with Green Leases
04/22/13 - PR Newswire             
Each year when April 22 rolls around, thousands of companies trumpet their sustainability initiatives paying homage to Earth Day while correlating Earth Day to a particular "green" product or service. To reinforce a commitment to the Earth throughout the year, companies can validate their dedication to sustainability by making their office space environmentally friendly. Signing a "green lease" puts that commitment in writing, while typically achieving energy and cost savings.

Rising in popularity with corporate tenants and their landlords (and even municipalities like New York City and San Francisco), green leases improve the environmental performance of a leased office space, ensuring that the company occupying the space and the landlord that owns the building are operating in a sustainable manner from the inside out. This energy and cost saving tactic typically results in additional cash flow for the building by increasing its appeal to corporate tenants.  Full article available online at

Walmart plans to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent at global stores by 2020
04/17/13 - ICSC website
In its pursuit of energy independence, Walmart has set some ambitious new goals for itself. The Bentonville, Ark.–based company said it plans to produce or procure 7 billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy globally each year and reduce the kilowatt hours-per-square-foot energy intensity required to power its buildings worldwide by 20 percent compared to 2010 levels.

“More than ever, we know that our goal to be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy is the right goal and that marrying up renewables with energy efficiency is especially powerful,” said president and CEO Mike Duke at the retailer’s sustainability milestone event this week. “The math adds up pretty quickly – when we use less energy that’s less energy we have to buy, and that means less waste and more savings. These new commitments will make us a stronger business, and they’re great for our communities and the environment.”  Full article available online at

Desert Vista High solar panels help energize green lessons
04/04/13 -
Green energy is a red-hot topic, and the Tempe Union High School District is charged up about it.

In an agreement with Chevron Energy Solutions, the district has made arrangements for students at its high schools to get real-world technology experience in hopes of creating a competitive edge in the pursuit of environmental careers. Full article available online at

‘Old School 07′ Transforming the Corner of 7th St. and Osborn as an Adaptive Re-Use Project
03/29/13 - AZREmagazine
Focusing on the desire for authentic development which complements neighborhoods, the collaboration of  Chasse Building Team, RSP Architects and Wetta Ventures broke ground recently at Old School 07, a $2M adaptive re-use and urban in-fill project the corner of 7th St. and Osborn Rd.

The existing church built in 1948 will be adapted into a ±4,000 SF restaurant. The former Osborn School House, which dates back to 1886, will be repurposed into commercial/retail space with three bays each with approximately 1,175 SF.  Full article available online at

Net Zero Energy: Making Green Look Passé
03/25/13 - NREIonline
Sustainability for commercial properties has come a long way since the start of the new millennium, when developers would chuckle and shake their heads at proposals to spend big bucks on green features. “Too expensive to the bottom line” was a common refrain.

It took a decade for the learning curve to jump. Today, just about every building designed has green features, whether mandated by a local community or a tenant. Going green is becoming almost passé–what really gets attention today is a building that not only saves energy, it gives energy back.  Full article available online at

Living Green: SRP Water Expo promotes wise water conservation
03/21/13 - East Valley
Gregg Elliott, an environmental scientist/engineer with SRP, speaks about the Phoenix-area water supply to guests at the sixth-annual Water Convservation Expo, March 2 in Tempe.
With April being Water Awareness Month, March turned out to be a pretty good time to start focusing on saving water when Salt River Project hosted its sixth annual Water Conservation Expo at the SRP PERA Club in Tempe.

Almost 600 people attended the expo on that busy March 2 morning, ready to learn the intricacies of “smart” irrigation controllers and water-saving shower heads before turning their attention to spring training games, NASCAR races or one of the many other events happening that first Saturday in March.  Full article available online at

Energy Star

The new and improved Portfolio Manager is on track to be released in just a few of months! The upgraded Portfolio Manager will be easier and more intuitive to use with new features to help you accurately benchmark, understand how your properties are performing, and share results.
Come to this free, live webinar to:

·         Gain important tips on what you need to know to prepare for the transition to the upgraded Portfolio Manager

·         Know when to expect downtime of the tool and learn how your data will be transferred

·         Get the latest updates on the project development

·         See a live demonstration of the new and enhanced features including reporting and property design

More information available on the website

GBI’s Green Globes Professional Certification Program
03/14/13 - BOMA International Website 
Building Owners, Investors, Property Managers, Building Engineers, Leasers, Facilities Personnel, Developers and Sustainability Experts
Get Your GGP Certification and Earn CPD Credit!
The GGP certification program includes BOMA’s Sustainable Building Operations (SBO) Webinar series, which qualifies for 4.5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for the renewal of industry designations including RPA, FMA, CPM, ARM, and SMA/SMT.  And, if you currently have an industry designation, you’re eligible for a $100 discount off the regular price of GGP certification program!
The Green Globes Professional (GGP) certification program, sponsored by the Green Building Initiative (GBI), supports the national adoption and growth of Green Globes’ rating/assessment/certification program for sustainable buildings by creating, maintaining, and growing a network of trained GGPs. These individuals play an important role in fostering O&M practices that result in more energy-efficient, healthier, and environmentally sustainable buildings.

Certified GGPs are industry professionals trained in the Green Globes building assessment and certification process. They may act as consultants on Green Globes projects, facilitate the building certification and provide project management for their clients or employers.  More information at

When Will Sustainability Matter to Investors as Much as Location and Quality?
03/08/13 - National Real Estate Investor
Sustainable buildings result in lower operating costs, not to mention long-term savings as the cost of energy continues to rise. Many real estate scions are building green—think of the Durst Organization’s Bank of America Tower in New York City and One World Trade Center, which is being co-developed by Durst and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey—as well as retrofitting green—most famously, Malkin Properties’ newly refurbished Empire State Building.

So it isn’t surprising that some investors and real estate firms are starting to focus on amassing green portfolios. But when will sustainability become as standard a criterion as location and quality in U.S. investors’ acquisitions? According to many within the industry, thanks to a growing awareness of green as well as several benchmarking programs, that day is almost here. Full article available online at

Congratulations Joe Zazzera
03/08/13 - BOMA Green Building Committee
Joe Zazzera, owner of Plant Solutions was recently featured in Phoenix Home and Gardens magazine as “Master of the Southwest”.  Check out his amazing article when you get a chance & a big congratulations to Joe!!  A true artist, living his passion, and getting the recognition he deserves.   Joe is an prominent member of BOMA and was also the 2012 Executive Chair of USGBC Central Branch.   Full article available online at Phoenix Home and Gardens.

APS is having an Incentive Sale
03/08/13 -  APS
From March to June 1, 2013, APS Solutions for Business is having a sale on incentives for popular lighting measures. The first $500,000 in incentives requested will take advantage of this limited-time offer, so act quickly to decide on a project and submit your Pre-Notification Application.

The sale features 10 measures, including T12 to premium T8 conversions, select LED lighting and refrigerated LED case lighting with/without motion sensors. Bonuses range from 13 to 50 percent above standard rebates.  For more information click here. 

BOMA Lucheon - Kilowatt Krackdown Awards
03/08/13 - BOMA Green Building Committee
Join us at the regularly scheduled membership luncheon on March 20th, for the 4th annual Kilowatt Krackdown awards. This is an event not to be missed! BOMA Green Building Committee, in partnership with USGBC, will honor top-performing buildings in the Phoenix Metropolitan area with plaques for achieving the highest Energy Star ratings in their respective category, as well as those facilities who have demonstrated the greatest improvements in energy efficiency.  The luncheon will also feature vital sustainable speaker, Jerry Yudelson.

For those of you who aren't familiar, the Kilowatt Krackdown program was developed and administered by the BOMA Phoenix Green Buildings Committee in 2009. Similar programs have been established in cities all over the country.  This program was inspired by the BOMA 7-Point Challenge, and the goal of the program is to promote management of energy efficiency utilizing the free interactive tool, "Energy Star Portfolio Manager." This allows you to assess energy and water consumption across your entire portfolio of buildings, identify opportunities for improvement, and track your progress over time.  This is the first year of partnership with USGBC, and a good crowd is anticipated.  Full article available online here.

01/04/13 -
Walk into an office building in downtown San Francisco and you’re likely to see a familiar plaque at the entrance promoting the building’s green certification. At least 35 percent of San Francisco’s total commercial square-footage now bears a LEED and/or EnergyStar label, according to the U.S. Green Building Council.

Extensive research on the financial impact of green labels in the commercial real estate sector shows that tenants not only want to house their companies and employees in green buildings, they are willing to pay a price premium to do so. We have documented that buildings with a “green rating” (Energy Star and LEED) command rental rates that are roughly 3 percent higher per square foot than otherwise identical buildings — controlling for the quality and the specific location of the office building — and sales prices of green buildings are about 16 percent higher. Full article available online at

Hotel Near Old Town Scottsdale, AZ Named Best LEED Hotel in 2012
02/13/13 - Marketwire
SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - Feb 13, 2013) - The year 2012 was a big one for the Courtyard Scottsdale Salt River. Not only did it make history as the first Marriott-branded property to open on U.S. tribal land, but it was also honored as the Best LEED Hotel at the Marriott Architecture & Construction Select Service/Extended Stay Conference.

Held December 4, 2012, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, the conference recognized this hotel near Old Town Scottsdale, AZ for its environmentally conscious design and practices. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program run by the U.S. Green Building Council.  Full article available online at

Home Energy Audit — SRP Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program
02/08/13 -
The SRP Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program is providing Phoenix area customers with energy-efficient solutions, designed to lower electricity bills.

Dust off the patio furniture and grab a scoop of ice cream because you can now relax. By enrolling in our program your energy bills will cool down, making even summer months in the Valley feel like a spring afternoon.  Full article available online at

4 Strategies for Green Roof Maintenance
12/28/12 - Buildings
While your building may be able to support a green roof, your staff must be ready to keep it alive. There are a variety of strategies that you should employ to give your facilities team a green thumbs up.

“The most concerning and damaging error regarding green roof maintenance is not having a plan in place,” says Andy Creath, owner and founder of Green Roofs of Colorado, a firm that designs, installs, maintains, and consults on green roofs. “No one visits them and they wonder why it’s not alive months later. You need to get eyes up there.”  Full article available online at

Green Measures
01/21/13 - Commercial Property Executive
Involvement with an international organization is providing a growing roster of public and private American real estate investment managers with access to increasingly detailed sustainability scorecards. And perhaps even more important, it is helping their investors and tenants, too.

The Amsterdam-based upstart worldwide commercial property sustainability and corporate responsibility endeavor dubbed the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark offers an annual benchmarking survey that aims to calculate how institutional portfolios—and the investment companies that manage them—stack up in terms of environmental, social and governance practices, known in shorthand as ESG. In addition to energy efficiency, GRESB endeavors to benchmark water frugality as well as waste collection and recycling related activities—and even corporate cultural factors such as sustainability training programs and vendor incentives.  Full article available online at

Green Building Consultant’s Top Ten MegaTrends for 2013
01/07/13 - PRWeb
Leading green building and sustainability consultant Jerry Yudelson releases his annual list of “Top 10 Megatrends” for the green building industry. Yudelson says, “It looks like a good year ahead for the green building industry. Based on our experience, it seems clear that green building will continue its rapid expansion globally in 2013 in spite of the ongoing economic slowdown in most countries of Europe and North America. More people are building green each year, with 50,000 LEED projects underway by the latest counts; there is nothing on the horizon that will stop this Mega-trend or its constituent elements.”  Full article available online at


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