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    Company: Arcadia Tree Company
Contact: Pete Wenz, (480)381-2932,
Category: Complete Tree Care
About: Arcadia Tree Company prides itself on preforming the highest level of tree care at an exceptional value. Trees are one of the most valuable assets in any landscape. We are committed to protecting that investment. A well maintained property not only increases property values, but will also assist in the attraction and retention of new tenants.




Company: Blue Sky Pest Control
Contact: Hunter Brady, (480) 429-2868,
Category: Integrated Pest Management
About: Blue Sky Pest Control is the leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly pest management.  Featuring the latest technology and training we work to create lasting relationships with our clients by creating pest management programs that are customized to our clients needs.  We will help you lower your pesticide footprint on your property and prevent pests from damaging your property while we protect your brand and the health of your employees and tenants.


Company: Commercial Cleaning Systems
Contact: Titus Gardner, (602) 404-3400
Category: Cleaning
About: Leading the industry in quality and customer service- CCS is proud of reputation for personalized attention to detail, immediate response and resolution. CCS has been a Green Cleaning company since 1988 and is always at the forefront of the newest sustainable janitorial practices.



Company: Highland Commercial Roofing, LLC 
Contact: Greg T. Pender, (480)299-3342,

Category: Roofing
About: "Highland Commercial Roofing specializes in design, installation and service of energy-efficient “Cool-Roof” systems for Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Family buildings. Since 1991 Highland Commercial Roofing has led the industry in exceptional asset protection for major corporations and building owners in Arizona, California and Nevada with RainShield Seamless Single-Ply ‘Cool-Roof’ Systems; Guaranteed not to leak… EVER! High-Performance, Cost-Effective, Commercial Roofing Systems “Engineered to fit your building… & your budget!”"


Company: Otis Elevator Company 
Contact: Kim Kiefer, (602)431-6347,
Category: Elevators
About: Otis has new installation products and modernization products that are green. Otis Elevator Company is the world’s leading manufacturer, installer and maintainer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways—a constant,
reliable name for more than 150 years.

    Company: Croach—Phoenix Pest Control
Contact Name: Penny, (651)200-3831,
Category: Pest Control
About: The regular services are provided on a bi-monthly basis (every other month) or quarterly (every 3 months) to the exterior of your home. This is especially important because environment friendly products, like our eco-friendly treatments, will naturally break down after 60 to 70 days. Since your home will always provide an ideal source of food and shelter, many insects and rodents will try to come back. Regularly scheduled visits keep a constant protective barrier around your home, to keep bugs and pests out!


Company: Pivot Building Services
Contact: Darron Provost, (480)303-0244,
Category: Cleaning
About: Pivot Building Services aims to set itself as the industry standard and demonstrate that green cleaning products and procedures can provide superior cleaning results while also reducing potential impacts to occupant health and the surrounding environment.


Company: Plant Solutions, Inc
Contact: Joe Zazzera, (602)696-5526,
Category: Indoor Plants, Living Walls, Holiday Decor
About: Living indoor plants and greenwalls provide needed Indoor Air Quality improvement, increased productivity, health and reduction in absenteeism. In today's competitive real estate leasing market it is imperative that each building lobby and office be perfect. The aesthetics of indoor plants and there proper care will make the needed difference in client attraction and retention.


Company: Pro-Serv Commercial Cleaning, Inc. 
Contact: Rich Lyons, (602)867-8889,
Category: Cleaning
About: Pro-Serv offers a comprehensive Green Cleaning program which utilizes a combination of green chemicals, products, and equipment. In addition to Green Cleaning, Pro-Serv supports sustainability by providing day cleaning for over one million square feet of single and multi tenant commercial office space


Company: Square Care

Contact: Jay Natale, (602)437-9797,
Category: Cleaning
About: Square Care pioneered Low Moisture cleaning technology in the Phoenix market. Colors retain brightness; seams remain intact, and your instant access to cleaned areas. Our corporate goals are to partner with owner’s / clients to protect the investment and the image of their facility with the programmed maintenance of the textile finishes. Carpet should last and look good 15+ years. USGBC and LEED practitioners, assist with up to 13 points.


Company: ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Contact: Stephen Kareha, (602) 453-1400, stephen.kareha
Category: Elevators
About: Solid state energy control limits the inflow of current for starting up the elevators. Reduced voltage starting allows the motor voltage to be gradually applied, reducing high inrush currents and starting torque. It reduces the equipment’s impact on peak current draw, thus reducing total energy required. Increases motor life, has quieter operation, eliminates electrical spikes, and improves floor-to-floor times.


Company: VIP Building Services, LLC 
Contact: Tony Marquez, (602) 929-9400,
Category: Cleaning
About: Exterior building cleaning – commercial window cleaning, power washing, bird abatement, caulking – VIP is a high access company - able to access cleaning and maintenance of high rise exterior facades, complying with all OSHA & ANSI regulations. VIP also offers high interior access – hard to clean atriums / lobbies – utilizing the only Specialty LEO GT boom lift in the southwest!


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